Best Places In Seattle For Kayaking

Posted on: July 12, 2017

Summer in Emerald City means people can finally leave their umbrellas at home to explore the sun-bathed waters of Seattle in one of the best ways possible: by way of kayak. As a seaport city, Seattle is pervaded and surrounded by a staggering number of lakes, rivers, and of course, Puget Sound. While all of the waterways in Seattle have their own charm, here are some of our favorites for novice and expert kayakers alike:

Lake Union

If you’re interested in a relaxing and visually stunning paddle, Lake Union should be your first stop. As one of the closest places to downtown Seattle for both kayaking as well as renting equipment, Lake Union is a great choice for those short on time thanks to its central location.

Some of the views you’ll take in on Lake Union are as unique as they are breath taking. Enjoy a panoramic view of Seattle’s skyline, frequent seaplane takeoffs and landings, as well as maneuver through the lake’s famous houseboat communities.

Right on the dock is Northwest Outdoor Center, where you can choose from more than 20 kayak models and get outfitted for your trip.

Puget Sound

The Sound, dotted with islands, lakes, and more than a few (thousand) creatures, is perfect for the naturist in you. Some sea life you may encounter on a kayaking tour of Puget Sound include killer whales, sea lions lounging in the sun, seals, sand dollars, and so much more.

The expansive area is great for both beginners and experienced kayakers. Beginners can paddle and drift gently among bull kelp, while those looking for a challenge can paddle hard along the shoreline.

Ballard Kayak offers guided kayaking adventures showcasing the beauty and variety of Puget Sound. For every level of kayaker, Ballard Kayak will help you choose the right trip suitable for you and provides all necessary equipment.

Elliott Bay

Fed by the Duwamish River and Puget Sound, this Central Basin region is one of the busiest ports in the United States. As with Puget Sound, Elliott Bay offers calm waters and vast wildlife. Unlike Puget Sound, you will want to be confident in your kayaking skills, as you will have to maneuver around hundreds of cargo vessels, motorboats, yachts and more. Yet your hard work will pay off, as Elliott Bay provides great views of such Seattle staples like the Space NeedleMount Rainier, the Seattle Great Wheel, the Olympic Mountains, and downtown Seattle itself.

See the beauty yourself with Alki Kayak Tours & Adventure Center located on the west side of Elliott Bay for quick and easy access to this gem.

Right in the heart of Seattle, you can find any kayaking experience thanks to our area’s unquenchable waterways. The three places listed above depict only a fraction of what Seattle has to offer kayak enthusiasts and first-timers. Summer is the perfect time to explore the waters of our beautiful city while gazing at the beauty of downtown and the wildlife surrounding you.

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