Ferry Commute Part IV: What We Love About the Seattle Ferry Commuter Lifestyle

Posted on: June 22, 2017

If you’re a Seattle resident, then you know that the ferry is part of life. You might even take it to work, hopping on and off it the way New Yorkers hop on and off the subway. Yes, there’s much to love about the boat. This article, the final one in the series, explores its benefits.

People love the ferry for different reasons. Some enjoy the water. Some enjoy the chance to work on the way to the office. Some enjoy the uniqueness. And some love it for the following reasons:

The coffee shops

Going out for coffee is a national pastime. According to the Huffington Post, the average citizen consumes 2.1 cups a day (and this increases with age). But those in Seattle have a special devotion to the drink; it’s not surprising for a town that gave us Starbucks. The ferry merges commute with caffeine, making it a win for coffee lovers on the go.

The efficiency

Where Seattle ranks in traffic depends on where you look; in 2016, TomTom listed it as the second worst rush hour in the country. Anyone who commutes into the city can see why – the cars move so slowly they nearly appear to go backwards. Riding the ferry doesn’t avoid this completely (if you drive onto the ferry, you’ll still deal with some inner-city congestion), but it certainly helps. Walking onto the boat (or bringing a bike) allows you to sidestep the stop-and-go altogether, providing a gridlock worthy of a grin.

The social factor

Riding the ferry exposes you to the same people on a regular basis; if you each need to be at work at the same time, you’ll run into one other routinely. If you’re a social person, this creates an avenue in which to foster new friendships. The wine and beer served on board help this process, too. 

The views

Many parts of Seattle are beautiful; looking out the window of your Fiesta might be as magnificent as looking at the horizon from the ferry. But riding the boat gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view. When you’re driving, you can’t look at the sunrise because you’re watching the Sunfire in front of you.

The cost

Per the Washington State Department of Transportation, a one-way adult ticket for the ferry is around $8. This can add up quickly, which is why it’s recommended that people who commute by ferry opt for a monthly pass: these cost just over $100. When you consider what you’ll save in gas, parking, and vehicle maintenance, the ferry becomes extremely cost effective.

For most people, the ferry offers more benefits than drawbacks. It’s an easy way to get to work without fighting frustration. And it’s enjoyable – from the coffee to the atmosphere to the chance to meet your new best friend – the boat’s among the most enjoyable commutes you’ll ever take.

If you’re moving to Seattle and the surrounding areas, get in touch with us. We’ll offer hassle-free service and insight that allows you to explore the city by land and sea.

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