Should I Let Buyers Move in Early? What to do in a situation where a deal is not yet closed.

Posted on: March 21, 2019

Should you let the buyers for your home move in a few days early if the deal hasn’t closed? The answer is no, you should NEVER let a buyer move in early if the deal hasn’t closed, no matter how nicely they ask or beg. Here’s why…

Picture a nightmare scenario:

You’ve already moved out of your home, and as a nice gesture, you decide to let your buyers move in a few days early, which they do- along with all of their furniture, their three kids and two dogs. Then something terrible happens. One of them loses their job and they can’t close on the loan!

You now have a supposed buyer in your home that has nowhere else to go. It might take them a week to get out, maybe a month. They are now tenants living on your property. Even worse, you now have to re-list your house on the market. Are you going to list it with tenants living there?

This is probably the worst-case scenario that can happen. But because it can happen, it could make your life miserable.

Another question your buyers may ask is if they can just move their things into your garage. Although this seems like not a big deal and a nice gesture, please don’t do it. This is because you have no idea what will happen to their stuff if it gets damaged or stolen. Storage units are reasonably priced and are a much better alternative.

The Bottom Line:

This is a situation you want to avoid as much as you possibly can. If you find yourself in this situation, just say no. The stress and risk of disaster is not worth it. The deal will close and they will get to move in eventually.

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