10 Secrets To Earn Top Dollar For Your Home

Posted on: September 21, 2021

Would you like to potentially ignite a bidding war and get the best price for your home? Here are 10 tips that usually go unnoticed but may help you earn top dollar for your home.

1. Update your mailbox

Ensuring that the curb appeal of your home is in optimal condition should be your first step. The first thing potential buyers see is the exterior of your home so making a great first impression can make all the difference.

2. Show the right use of rooms

Make sure your rooms portray their intended uses. If you use a secondary bedroom as a home gym, or if the loft is used for storage, re-stage these rooms to help potential buyers better visualize the space.

3. Touch-up the bathroom

Modernizing your bathroom can be an affordable expense that makes a huge difference. Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, re-glazing your bathroom white can be completed for a few hundred dollars and make it appear decades younger.

4 Make buyers fall in love

Being genuine while selling your home can connect with buyers on an emotional level. Sharing your personal experiences in the home in a thoughtful manner can increase the chances of buyers paying top dollar as they can envision themselves making pleasant memories.

5. List under market value

Listing your property under market value will attract a larger buyer pool. Then bids can likely go over market value as buyers will be encouraged by seeing other bids on your home.

6. Provide insider information

Include information only you know from your experience living in the home. Some examples could be a local shop down the street, the best restaurants nearby, and times package deliveries usually arrive. You know the benefits of living in your home better than anyone else.

7. Describe the neighborhood

Mention the neighborhood in your listing: the distance from the community amenities, the daily traffic on your street, and how often do your neighbors gather to chat. The smallest details can pique a buyer’s interest.

8. List the extras

If your home has improvements like a sunroof, camera doorbell, or motion-sensitive lighting, mention it. Details like these can often go unnoticed until a buyer speaks with you directly. Keep in mind that additions you may deem as commonplace can make the house more attractive to buyers.

9. Create a video tour

The process for filming a video tour is inexpensive and a beneficial way to draw in buyers. If it’s done well enough, it could have the same effect as an open house. Having professional photos and detailed descriptions is still beneficial, a video tour is just an added tool.

10. Get a pre-inspection

Obtaining a pre-inspection will give buyers a general idea of the condition of your home before making an offer. Buyers will still want their own inspection but being proactive with sharing the property information is still mutually beneficial and may help you earn top dollar for your home.

If you're interested in learning more about earning top dollar for your home, please connect with us. We'd love to help you on your home selling journey.

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