7 Features Buyers Look for in Downtown Seattle Condos

Posted on: November 23, 2016

Downtown Seattle condos are a preferred option for anyone who is looking to take advantage of the culture, markets, restaurants, parks, and nightlife that the city is known for. If you are selling a condo in downtown Seattle, marketing the property to the right audience is key, which means you will need to know which features to highlight in order to grab their attention. Here are some of the most popular features people look for when buying a condo in this in-demand market.

1. Walkability

The main reason homebuyers want to live downtown is the convenience of being able to walk to work, nearby parks, and businesses. In fact, walkability is one of the biggest deciding factors millennials look for when purchasing a condo. The appeal of being able to live a healthy lifestyle and walk to everything they need (groceries, entertainment, restaurants, dry-cleaning, etc.) is valued over most other amenities.

2. Updates

Today’s house hunters love to see a condo that feels new and fresh, and updates in the the kitchen are one way to make a great first impression. Oftentimes, real estate clients will spend extra time in the kitchen discussing the property with their agent, so make sure to capitalize on the opportunity to “wow” them. New kitchen appliances and updated countertops stay in the minds of potential buyers long after a showing, and updated bathrooms will have the same effect. If you don’t have the time to remodel, new kitchen and bath fixtures are quick, easy improvements that will make the space feel new. High-efficiency washers and dryers are also appealing and memorable.

3. Parking

Parking is an important consideration when living in downtown Seattle. Many buyers will gravitate toward properties that offer garage parking, but a covered or reserved space can also be an enticing selling point. First-time buyers, in particular, will want to show off their new place and will look for buildings that provide ample guest parking for their visitors.

4. Green Space and Parks

Accessibility to parks will increase interest with younger and older buyers alike. Close proximity to outdoor spaces, such as running trails, bike paths, and passive parks are all desirable. A condo with a small back yard will appeal to a dog owner, but oftentimes, close proximity to a dog park will be just as appealing. In the city, garden spaces are hard to come by, so rooftop gardens and communal green spaces are popular amenities that attract buyers in urban settings.

5. Public Transit

One of the perks of downtown living is close public transit options. Seattle has many choices for public transit such as busesstreet cars, a monorail, and the Link light rail.  Highlighting a condo’s proximity to one of these public transit systems will likely increase interest in the property.

6. Retail Stores

Many urban professionals favor small neighborhood markets over large, corporate stores, so a neighborhood full of artisanal shops, fresh markets, and grocery stores will help attract buyers. If a condo does not come with a washer and dryer, on-demand, pick-up laundry services are a good substitute for city dwellers.

7. Restaurants and Nightlife

Buyers in downtown Seattle want to take advantage of the many food and entertainment options the city has to offer. Brewpubs, farm-to-table restaurants, and coffee shops within walking distance will be sure to attract potential buyers, and be sure to mention if the property is within walking distance to nearby venues that host live performances. Seattle has a thriving local arts and music scene, and your home’s future owner will love to know about the various cultural activities that take place in your neighborhood.

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