Advice for New Real Estate Agents

Posted on: August 4, 2016

Getting your start in the real estate business is hard. As an unknown agent, it’s very likely you’ll be passed over due to lack of experience. It’s relatively similar to job applicants fresh out of college confronted with entry level positions that require years of work to apply. We wish there were a magic answer, but unfortunately, the best advice we can offer is a bit of luck and a strong work ethic. Don’t be discouraged, someone will hire you, but then it’s up to you to prove they made the right choice. When it comes to landing your first job and generating new business, it never hurts to take some advice from agents who have gone before you.

Word Spreads

In our ever-connected world, information is disseminated at an incredible pace. Review websites are supplementing word of mouth, putting your reputation on display to a wide audience, not just those within your community. This makes positive impressions on your clients very important. Each potential client is like applying for a new job, and your past clients’ opinions take the place of a traditional resume. In this business, however, your resume talks to all of the other companies in town, whether you want it to or not. It might sound like a bad thing, but only if you have poor interactions with your clients. If you work hard and cater to their needs, it’s actually free advertising and can help your business grow quickly. A very high number of clients come from referral business.

Be Yourself

Your reputation will always precede you. Being genuine in your personality and dealings with clients will ensure you’re seen as a trustworthy individual. Yes, each client has different needs that you must try to meet, but if you pander to your clients, word will spread that you’re accommodating and act in the best interest of them. In this business, the customer is not always right, and telling them so is part of being an honest realtor. This honesty is appreciated by most, and those who oppose it can always choose another agent. What’s important is that you’re genuine and working for the client, not lining your pockets.

Find a Mentor

If at all possible, start your career by joining a team comprised of agents who are already established in the local community. Associating your name with theirs gives you credibility, and it’s possible some of their excess work will get sent your way. They may also serve as a mentor, providing advice on issues you’ve never faced. Watch their behavior with clients to get a good idea of what does and does not work.

As a bonus, if you can join the team of an agent who works for a large real estate brand, you’ll already have an in at a company when you decide it’s time to branch out on your own.


As we mention in our video below, becoming a successful agent takes time. Most things can be controlled. A family member might become your first client, a positive impression can give you referral business, you can turn to experienced agents for advice, and how you present yourself is under your influence. Time, however, is not among this list of controllable factors. No matter how well you navigate the real estate business, brand building takes time. You’re guaranteed to spend a lot of effort and energy without seeing immediate results. Don’t be discouraged. There are only 24 hours in each day, and less if you account for sleep. You’ll always be at odds of wanting tomorrow to come but needing today to be longer. Take a step back, and focus on the task at hand. Time will take care of itself.

As is the case with any new business, becoming established and successful doesn’t come easy. We encourage anyone looking to break into the business to place some value on the tips we’ve shared here today. The video below summarizes the above article, and we hope you’ll keep it handy for future reference as your business grows.

As always, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Seattle area, give us a call. Our team is here to make sure your home buying or selling experience goes smoothly.

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