All the Best Ways to Enjoy Seattle’s Local Art Scene

Posted on: January 7, 2016

Seattle’s local art scene is vibrant and unconventional. Our artists are as colorful as the works they produce, and opportunities to enjoy our city’s creative culture are everywhere you turn. There’s nothing wrong with visiting a conventional art gallery, but if you’re looking for a less traditional approach to experiencing our local art, here are a few suggestions:

Attend an Art Walk

Art walks happen throughout Seattle all year long. This is a unique opportunity to check out some of the best local work, visit with artists, and explore Seattle’s neighborhoods. In some cases, restaurants in the area will also show their support by offering specials to art walk participants.

There are just too many to name here, but visit the Seattle Art Blog for information about times and locations of upcoming art walk events.

Check Out a Seattle Artist Collective

An artist collective is when a group of artists come together under their own management to achieve a shared goal, and Seattle has a number of them to choose from. The goals of these groups may include anything from purchasing bulk art supplies to saving on the cost of studio space; they sometimes even work together for less tangible objectives, such as promoting social change.

The beauty of this arrangement is that it puts numerous independent artists together in one place, creating a hub for you to shop the local talent. TwilightGreenwood Collective, and 7 Point Studios are among the many that you will find throughout the city.

Support a Local Business

Have you ever visited a local coffee shop or bookstore and found that it doubles as a neighborhood art gallery? It’s actually quite common around Seattle. The local art community and small Seattle-based businesses have strong ties to one another, and they love to coexist in ways that provide exposure for both.

If this is your thing, start with the Parnassus Café and GalleryVermillion Gallery and BarThe Hideout, and Fantagraphics Bookstore.

Buy Seattle Art Online

If you don’t have time or are just not interested in whiling away the hours searching for great local art, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are a number of web-based outlets where you can find unique, locally-produced work.

The team at Artsyo, for instance, engages in the local art scene and helps create connections between buyers and artists. Visit their website and peruse thousands of beautiful pieces just begging to be added to your collection. If you don’t feel like aimlessly browsing, you can narrow your search by color(s), size, price, and type; you can even choose the Seattle neighborhood that you would like your purchase to come from.

In 2015, Seattle’s local art scene was named the fourth largest in the country, falling behind the likes of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The artistic growth of our city in the last two decades has been profound, and whether or not you are new to Seattle, you owe it to yourself to see what all the fuss is about. Make a point to experience local art this year, Seattle-style.

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