Best Areas for Biking in Seattle

Posted on: October 6, 2017

The Emerald City is known for its lush green landscape and cool, overcast weather, but it’s also a great choice for individuals who love a good bike trail. Seattle consistently ranks among the nation’s top healthiest cities, and it secured the number eight spot in 2017. Here, you’ll find a few of the best hiking and biking trails that Seattle has to offer.

Interurban Trail Loop

Looking for an easy to intermediate level trail in northern Seattle? The Interurban Trail Loop is the perfect choice for a relaxing bike ride that’s still challenging. This scenic trail is mostly paved, but it also meanders through the woodlands, making it the ideal destination for those looking to escape from the bustling city for a while. To experience the 24 miles of Interurban Trail Loop, begin at North 110th Street and Fremont Avenue.

The Burke-Gilman Trail

If you like to stay away from wooded trails, check out the Burke-Gilman Trail conveniently located in the city. While Washington has miles of gorgeous hiking and biking trails, many of them are located in remote areas. When you’re ready to hop on your bike for a brisk workout, you can’t go wrong by cycling the classic Burke-Gilman Trail. This trail is a favorite of Seattle residents, as it’s well maintained and receives frequent renovations. For avid cyclists with little time to spare for traveling, this beloved trail is a fantastic daily option. To try out the Burke-Gilman Trail, start at the Seaview Avenue Northwest access point.

Green River Trail

If you’re up for a short drive just south of Seattle, the Green River Trail is an excellent choice for those who love scenic views. While the road is paved with asphalt for easy navigation, the trail hugs the iconic Green River for 20 miles. When you’re ready to clear your mind and take in Washington’s beautiful scenery, the Green River Trail is up to the task.

I-90 Trail

For an interesting hybrid trail that’s both urban and remote, try Seattle’s I-90 trail. As the name suggests, you can find this trail off I-90 near Mercer Island. When you ride along the I-90 trail, you’ll experience the beauty of nature from the safety of a paved road, and some of the best sights along the journey include Mount Rainier and Lake Washington. Since this hike and bike trail offers unparalleled views combined with easy accessibility, expect plenty of company and be mindful of pedestrians.

Seattle is a beautiful city with a booming economy, and the vast array of biking trails is an added bonus. When you’re ready to begin the process of finding your dream home, contact us to get started.

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