Buying a Home for the First Time: My Number 1 Home Buyer Tip

Posted on: June 28, 2019

What’s my number one tip for first-time homebuyers?

My number one tip for this type of homebuyer is to go attend as many open houses in the general proximity and general price range of the homes you think you may be able to buy.

As a first-time homebuyer, you obviously have never owned a home before. Maybe you have rented a home or you are renting an apartment. But, when you go to buy a home, your needs, wants and desires for the space that you want is probably going to be dramatically different than when you were renting—due to the fact that you knew it was simply temporary.

One of the biggest problems I run into with first-time homebuyers is that they’re not really sure what they want. They might have a budget or a location, but they aren’t decided on what type of house they want and don’t know if they should be thinking of their needs down the line or if they should just buy what works for them now. With so many options and things to think of, it’s no surprise that oftentimes first-time homebuyers are a little bit confused on what it is they truly want.

As a real estate agent, I am able to work with buyers through that confusion, but my advice to them is to see as many homes as they possibly can. Ultimately, the easiest way to see a ton of homes in a short amount of time is to clear your weekend schedule and just drive around and go to as many open houses as possible. Even if you’re not going to buy it, it’s helpful to see the many different layouts that exist so that you can get a feel for what it is you really like. This enables you to more ideas as you see other people’s spaces that you’re not planning on buying, and you can then get the inspiration and the motivation for what it is that you actually want. Then, when it comes time to work with your real estate agent and go tour with them, you can get laser-focused on the properties you’re seeing and not waste your time on things that don’t really fit you, to begin with.

The more homes you see, the more of an expert you will be on the market and about exactly what it is that you’re wanting to buy. Because of this, Understanding and seeing what it is you want by touring lots of homes is my number one tip to all of the first-time buyers out there!

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