Four Animal Attractions In Seattle The Whole Family Will Love

Posted on: July 18, 2017

Seattle may be known for its abundant rainfalls and towering skyline, but it also happens to be home to some of the best wildlife attractions in the country. You don’t need to go on grueling hikes or drive to the remotest areas of Washington to see stunning animals. Rather, your whole family can enjoy the beauty of Seattle’s wildlife in comfort. Here are four of the best family friendly animal attractions Seattle has to offer:

Woodland Park Zoo

More oasis than zoo, Woodland Park features over 300 species of animals and is a pioneer in creating naturalistic habitats for the animals housed there. From the zoo’s butterfly garden, where children may be seen waiting for these pollinators to land on their outstretched hands, to the Banyan Wilds where braver souls can get a close-up view of tigers and sloth bears, Woodland Park Zoo’s exhibits cater to every age group.

Seattle Aquarium

While Woodland Park Zoo offers its fair share of amphibious attractions, the Seattle Aquarium is in a league of its own when it comes to aquatic exhibits. The aquarium is the 9th largest in the United States and houses over one dozen major exhibits, including an 18,000 square foot auditorium space where visitors can enjoy live shows of aquatic splendor. Within the auditorium is one of the aquarium’s most beloved exhibits: a 40-foot high, 120,000-gallon tank known as the “Window on Washington Waters”. The tank is complete with marine life from all over the Washington coast. There’s even a diver in the tank equipped with a microphone to take questions from the audience, about three times a day. Pure amazement for kids and adults alike, exhibits such as these make the Seattle Aquarium perfect for a day of family fun.

Dumas Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

This hidden gem is often filled with visitors. However, these visitors aren’t other wildlife-lovers, but rather the stunning great blue heronAmidst these wetlands, you’re able to wander among numerous red-winged blackbirds, various species of waterfowl and cattails as far as the eye can see. But the main attraction here is without doubt the great blue heron. Dumas Bay happens to be home to one of the largest breeding colonies of the great blue heron; the whole family can enjoy watching as these magnificent birds flock to the Bay year after year with certainty.

Go Tidepooling

Tidepooling is an activity abundant in fun and intrigue. The perfect spots for this activity are areas with inlets to the ocean where the tide comes in and out. When the tide is low, you’re able to walk among pools of oceanic life otherwise hidden below the sea. Encompassed by Puget Sound, there are countless areas ideal for tidepoolers of all ages to explore. In Seattle, you can find sea anemones and barnaclesstarfish and even sea cucumbers. That’s not including the microorganisms left behind by the receding tide (the avid explorer will need a microscope to see those creatures). Tidepooling is joyful family fun and a great way to bring the family together for endless outdoor adventures.

If you want to see some of the most diverse wildlife around, Seattle is a great place to start searching. If you’re thinking of moving or need a Realtor, contact us and we’ll help answer any questions you may have – whether or not they’re zoological. 

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