How the Tech Industry Affects Seattle’s Housing Market

Posted on: January 15, 2018

Choosing the location for your next (or first) house is an important decision. There’s a lot to consider, including current price, future property values, and the local economy. If you’re thinking about moving to a major tech industry hub like Seattle, it’s helpful to know a bit about the housing market. Here, we’ll cover the basics about Seattle’s home prices, and why this area is such a promising choice.

Rapid Growth and High Demand 

When you’re shopping for a home, it’s wise to find a property that’s in a growing area. Technology hubs tend to grow at a much faster pace than rural or suburban locations, so cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver could be an outstanding choice for investment. In many of these areas, population is rising at astronomical levels, which spurs on the housing market. It’s not just hiring rates that have an effect on property values—in tech centers, residents are often well-educated and high earners. Even as prices increase, there’s still a large pool of buyers to scoop up available housing.

How Seattle Measures Up 

The Emerald City has been one of the nation’s most coveted areas for years. Our city’s population growth has been impressive even before the era of Amazon, and the trend is expected to persist in 2018. As mentioned previously, tech centers typically increase the demand for housing, and Seattle is no exception. It may be surprising to find that although Seattle is a popular place to live, it has a limited number of homes for sale. As prestigious tech companies buy more office space, our city will continue to grow. For homeowners or investors, this is good news—you’ll just need to move quickly and team up with a savvy realtor if you’d like to buy anytime soon.

Why Seattle Is a Great Place For Investing 

What’s not to love about our city? Seattle boasts a booming economy, and ranks as one of the top cities for landing a career in technology. As if you needed another reason to buy here, the scenery and entertainment options are astounding. Even if you’re planning to move again in a few years, the housing market is so competitive that selling or renting should be excellent choices.

Seattle is consistently among the nation’s list of fastest-growing cities. With technology companies continuing to drive economic and population growth in the area, property values are expected to rise even more in the future. Navigating Seattle’s red-hot housing market is stressful without the help of a qualified realtor, so reach out to our team when you’re ready to get started. We’d love to help you through each step of the home-buying process.

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