Looking Ahead to the 2016 Seafair Weekend in Seattle

Posted on: July 21, 2016

After working hard all summer, the time to kick back and relax is almost upon us. Unless you’re a school teacher (we envy your summers off), you’re probably feeling the same way we are. Summer weather has been calling our name, and while we love selling homes to the Seattle community, we like relaxing in our own almost as much. Our favorite way to kick back is at the annual Seafair festival. The best part is the culmination of this 10-week long festival: Seafair weekend, which is taking place August 5th-August 7th. So whether you’re a busy resident like we are, or just visiting Seattle, keep your schedule free for this event.

The Pre Weekend

We know that while we’re waiting for Seafair weekend, some of you will be enjoying the entirety of the festival, so we thought we’d better share some info with you folks as well.

Traveling the high seas since 1949, the Seafair Pirates are a premiere attraction of the Seafair festival. Your first opportunity to catch the pirates will be at the Seafair Milk Carton Derby. On July 16th at Green Lake, boats constructed entirely of milk cartons will take to the water to prove their supremacy in races and creativity competitions. And these boats are no slouches; they’re large enough to carry multiple people. The pirates will be in attendance to root on the boats, and perhaps plunder those who aren’t careful. 

The second pirate sighting will take place on Saturday July 30th at the Seattle Center/4th Avenue, the start of the Seafair Torchlight Parade. Floats, giant helium balloons, precision drill teams representing local communities, equestrian units, comical clowns, and live bands will be on display for the thousands of Seattle residents who line the streets for this nighttime spectacle. The Seafair pirates will be marching in all their glory, riding a swashbuckling ship and looking for gold.

The Weekend

Seafair weekend is the festival’s sendoff, which means that the itinerary for these three days can be overwhelming if you’ve never attended before. To help out any Seafair rookies, we’ve put together a list of events to help ease you into the weekend.

Albert Lee Appliance Seafair Cup

This is a classic Seafair activity. Every year, the Seattle-based H-1 Unlimited Hydroplanes hold a series of jet boat races on Lake Washington. With boats reaching speeds of over 200mph, even those who are uninterested in boat racing can appreciate the extreme nature of the sport. This year, the competition will be more accessible than ever, with smart phone apps available to stream live video feeds from the course and the boat cockpits, free of charge. Competition is expected to be stiff, with returning champs Graham Trucking facing off against new boats and notable Seattle team owner, Greg O’Farrell.

Boeing Seafair Air Show

Another Seafair staple, this show takes place in Genesee Park and over Lake Washington. Friday-Sunday at 1:30pm, pilots from the Blue Angels and the Flying Heritage Collection take to the skies to put on a dramatic spectacle. Blue Angels pilots perform low-flying maneuvers combined with flips, twists, and turns that can leave visitors wondering how the pilots manage to land safely.

The Flying Heritage Collection takes a different approach, showcasing restored historic planes from World War II. Planes from Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia, and the United States fly in their original glory, giving a glimpse into the history of aviation.

Seafair Ship Tours

This event sticks with the maritime theme of the Seafair Cup, offering tours of Navy vessels docked at the Port of Seattle. The men and women of the United States Navy give visitors a rare glimpse into their world, offering a look inside some of the most physically impressive vessels at sea. It’s a great way to pay homage to those who secure our country, and also check out some downright impressive boats.

Less than a month away, Seafair weekend is coming up quickly. The events above are just a few of the ways to spend the weekend, but if you ask us, they shouldn’t be missed. We feel like it’s also necessary to mention that local vendors will have booths set up surrounding the Genesee Park area. Be sure to bring some spending money and support the local businesses that make our city truly remarkable.

Live music will take place every day, and because the festival caters to everyone, be sure to have a plan for parking. We don’t want to bore you, so we’ll leave that up to you. But if you have any real estate related questions about the Seattle area, as always, don’t hesitate to call us. We look forward to seeing you at Seafair!

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