Set on Seattle Part II: Ferry Destinations Near the City

Posted on: June 8, 2017

As reported in USA Today, Puget Sound boasts the largest ferry system in the country, with two of these terminals located inside Seattle; the second article of this series explores some of the places accessible by boat. For residents and tourists, ferries provide a wonderful option for weekend getaways (or any type of getaway).

The places you can go by ferry are contained (the sky’s not the limit; the waters are). Yet these locations offer enough variety and appeal that most people find a reason to board the boat and sail off for an adventure.

Some of the places worthy of a trip include:

Bainbridge Island

The ferry to Bainbridge Island leaves from Seattle and takes around 35 minutes. The island itself has a rural meets beach party feel. It offers shops, restaurants, and parks, which are all accessible by foot. If you bring your car, there are several must-see viewpoints of Puget Sound well worth your time.

Vashon Island

Vashon Island is better explored with your car in tow, and that’s because the main town is several miles from the ferry’s dock. Once you reach it, you’ll find galleries, cafes, farms, shops, and plenty of scenery. The ride from West Seattle is quite short – 20 minutes and you’re there.

Port Orchard

Port Orchard is an ideal destination for antique-hunters; it’s filled with old buildings, small shops, restaurants, and museums. It’s also a worthwhile destination if you’re into watersports – the island features sailing, kayaking, and other activities. Reaching the area involves a ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton, a ride that Sunset Magazine lists as one of the best in all of the Northwest.


Yep, you may even go to another country on the ferry. From Elliot Bay, you can reach Victoria, Canada via the Clipper and dock in front of the Empress Hotel. Per CBS News, it still maintains a British setting featuring tea and crumpets.

San Juan Islands

The San Juan islands offer beautiful beaches and pastoral roads that cover miles. They also offer organic cuisine, lodging, and hiking trails. There are plenty of coves to explore if you’re looking for excitement or a place to hone your photography skills. Animal lovers know that these islands are famous for orcas – they have resident pods as well as transient creatures that swim in for a visit.

According to Seattle PI, tourism continues to grow to record levels; people lucky enough to call the Emerald City home know why: it offers much to see and lots to do. But, for times when you want to think a bit outside the bay, new and exciting destinations are just a boat ride away.

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