The Best Parks in Seattle With a View

Posted on: June 2, 2016

City life can feel marred by a seemingly endless amount of concrete and skyscrapers. While this may be true in some cities, Seattle boasts a unique geography comprised of rivers, lakes, islands, and mountains that emphasize its natural beauty. Its marriage of nature and civilization is a wonder to behold…residents and visitors alike flock to the city’s numerous parks to enjoy greenery in an urban setting. Below we’ve created a list for potential homebuyers to get a sneak peek into the amazing vistas Seattle’s parks have to offer.

Kerry Park

Located on the Southern slope of Queen Anne HillKerry Park offers a view of downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay, and the West Seattle peninsula. On clear days, Mt. Rainier and Bainbridge Island can also be seen, adding a natural backdrop to the already stunning skyline.

At dusk the site is popular with photo enthusiasts, who visit to capture the sun’s dwindling twilight as it sets over Elliot Bay. The park is less frequented at night, but perhaps the opposite should be true, as the Space Needle shines front and center, bringing a beautiful glow to the Seattle skyline.

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park is located on the Northern shore of Lake Union, at the former home of the Seattle Gas Light Company’s gasification plant. Views of both Lake Union and the Seattle skyline draw plenty of visitors, but it’s the opportunity to see and explore the gas work’s remnants that is the real spectacle.

The bronze gas works sits adjacent to the lake, offering a unique photo opportunity to those so inclined. The inside of the structure is also accessible, with a picnic shelter housed in the boiler room, and the exhaust-compressor now a children’s play barn complete with a maze of colorful machinery.

In addition to the scenery, 19.1 acres of space make the park ideal for large gatherings.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Calling the shore of the Puget Sound home, this park features not only a sublime view, but also a hoard of artwork. The park is home to a variety of sculptures of all shapes, sizes, and materials, and owes them for the plethora of awards it’s won since its opening.

The Seattle Art Museum offers both public and private tours of the park, detailing its history and the various works of art within it. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day the park also offers a snack bar serving up pastries, espresso, and drinks to hungry guests.

Once you’ve had enough artwork, follow the gaze of the sculpture Echo and set eyes upon the Olympic Mountains. Home to Mt. Olympus, Seattle’s 5th highest peak, the mountain range creates a spectacular backdrop to the tranquil Puget Sound.

Hitts Hill Park

Hitts Hill Park is relatively unknown as far as Seattle parks go. Located on the southwest end of Columbia City, the park sits on what used to be the Hitt Brothers Firework Company. The area is not much of a sight in itself, comprised of 3 acres of wooded hilltop. But where it shines is in its views of Lake Washington, downtown Seattle, and the Rainier Valley.

Due to its small size and obscure location, the park offers an undisturbed vantage point to take in both cityscapes and Lake Washington’s blue sheen.

If you’re in the market for a Seattle home but are afraid a city isn’t for you, give one of these parks a try. A city skyline with nature as its backdrop can make even the staunchest outdoor adventurer gasp in awe. And because parks with views like these are so plentiful in Seattle, chances are your future home is only a block away from nature. If you’re interested in buying a home in the Emerald City, give me a call. I’d love to show you around.

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