When Should I Take Pictures of My Home?

Posted on: July 10, 2019

When is the best time to take photos of your home before listing it on the market?

Every market has a different season that is the best time to sell a home. For example, I live in Seattle, Washington, where spring is the best season for selling a home.

When it comes to taking photos, late spring and early summer are usually the best time to photograph across the Pacific Northwest.

This generally translates across all markets. In late summer things tend to get a little bit brown, in fall all of the trees lose their leaves, and winter is usually dark and dreary which means the lighting is not good for photos. If you live in a seasonal city, you know that everything looks brighter and more colorful on a sunny day. Spring and summer months are also the best time of year for blooming flowers and full trees, so it is the best for photographing your home’s yard and landscaping as well.

Photo Hack:

Even if you’re planning on selling your home in late summer, fall, or winter, you can still prepare your home’s exterior and take photos during spring or early summer in order to have your home captured in its best light and achieve maximum curb appeal when you do go to list it. Your home will also stand out from all of the other homes whose agents and sellers didn’t think proactively to get photos taken.

The Bottom Line:

Always photograph your home in its best light!

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