When to Sell Your Seattle Home

Posted on: April 19, 2019

Are you wondering what time of year is the best to sell your Seattle home?

Without a doubt, the top three months to sell in Seattle are March, April, and May.

Here’s Why:

Seattle is a very seasonal city. Because of this, all of our homes look a lot better in the springtime. Although Seattle winters are mild, December and January are not the best months to show off a property due to the rainy, gray and rather dreary weather. Spring marks the time that flowers emerge, birds start chirping, and perpetual gray skies turn into sunny days. It’s surprising what a sunny, bright backdrop can do for your home.

Coincidentally, many people hit reset in the month of January; and whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or just the start of a fresh year, many people decide to buy a house once New Year’s Day rolls around. However, it typically takes some time to get organized and talk to a real estate agent. By the time March rolls around, everyone is in buying mode. With a higher demand for housing, a seller will yield a better result.

When Life Gets in the Way: what to do if you miss prime spring selling months.

It’s okay! Everybody’s life dictates when they list their property, and that’s fine.

The second-best time to list your home in Seattle is during what’s called the secondary bump: the months of September and October, right after Labor Day until just before the Thanksgiving Holiday. People get back into the rhythm of wanting to shop after summer vacations, and for people who haven’t purchased yet, fall is that window before the distraction of the holidays sets in.

On The Flip Side…

The worst months to list your Seattle home for sale are August and December.

December is obvious, reasons being that…

  • Everyone is busy and preoccupied during the holidays.
  • It’s a dark and dreary time of year, which won’t give your home any cosmetic advantages.

 August is a slow month for a few different reasons…

  • People with families are usually getting in their last vacations before the school year starts.
  • August is a popular month for real estate agents to take a breather and relax after a busy spring selling season, so there are fewer agents available to choose from.
  • Your home may not get as high of an offer as it would in the spring when there is a frenzy of competing buyers.

The Bottom Line:

A great real estate agent can sell a house in any season at any time, but these are just some things to consider to make sure you are yielding the best possible results.

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